Black Post & Rail Stain



Black Post & Rail Stain - 200L - $1,490.00
Black Post & Rail Stain - 20L - $189.00
Black Post & Rail Stain - 10L - $100.00
Black Post & Rail Stain - 4L - $55.00

BDC Fence Stain is a PREMIUM QUALITY, durable penetrating acrylic linseed oil formulation that stains and seals wood to offer the best protection against water damage and UV RAYS. It provides a mildew-resistant coating.

Key benefits of this product :
Outperforms other products on the market
Penetrates timber
Does not flake or peel
Durable lasts up to 7 years
Repels moss & lichen
Deep black colour
Environmentally friendly ( does not contain any harmful chemicals)
Can be applied over existing stained or painted surfaces
Cost effective 1 litre = 2.5 metres both sides 2 coats 3 rail fences
Washes up in water

Coverage: 6-8 sqm/litre.
Application: Brush, Roller, or Spray.

Black Post & Rail Stain