Acrylic Primer



Acrylic Primer - 10L - $103.50
Acrylic Primer - 4L - $69.00

A premium quality, fast-drying, water-based, interior and exterior, multipurpose primer/sealer/undercoat. Formulated primarily to provide a sealed and sandable surface for acrylic and solvent-based topcoats. Combines the qualities desired in an interior/exterior
primer: Excellent adhesion, and filling properties, low spatter, sandability, minimal odour, excellent flow and levelling. May be applied by brush, roller or spray. Contain anti fungicidal additives and may be tinted to facilitate contrasting colours. Is environmentally friendly, nontoxic, nonhazardous and non-flammable.
Wallboard, Plasterboard, interior timber and exterior plaster and concrete. This product is suitable for application on previously painted or unpainted surfaces. If using over plastered surfaces, use this product only after complete curing and cleaning of plaster.

Acrylic Primer